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Capacity: ~120ml  Fully Handmade Material: Authentic and high grade Zhuni from Huang Long Shan.  Artist: 陆知航 Lu Zhi H...


Capacity: ~120ml 

Fully Handmade

Material: Authentic and high grade Zhuni from Huang Long Shan. 

Artist: 陆知航 Lu Zhi Hang (Exclusively signed with One Space) 

Lu Zhi Hang, an experienced and skilled crafter with 15 years of expertise, specializes in the intricate art of Zhuni clay. He actively seeks out new opportunities to push his boundaries and this piece is a proof of that. Each piece is a collaborative effort, with the shape supervised by our lead artist Ma Pin Yi, adding an extra layer of artistic value.


This Huanglong Mountain Zhuni has a primitive appearance because of its grainy texture. We don’t use the quality of clay as a selling point but guarantee its authenticity and high-grade. It’s important to note that a well-made Zisha teapot is more than just good quality clay - it’s a standard, not a selling point. The original piece is a Zhuni Mo Gu teapot from the late Qing Dynasty. It was exclusively redesigned by teacher Ma Pinyi and made by Lu Zhihang, a Zhuni expert contracted by One Space.


All of the Mo Gu Zhuni pots from One Space have been recreated by Ma Pinyi with contemporary aesthetics in mind. This not only enhances their appearance but also makes them more practical to use。 They are guaranteed with a smooth and strong pouring, which aligns with the tea brewing habits of modern people. This piece not only posses artistic value but are also very practical, comfortable to use, and suitable to hold. The balance between the handle and spout is perfect, and a lot of thought and time has been devoted to making the handle. The handle has a round and plump appearance, but it has been flattened on the inside and modified with obtuse angles, making it very convenient and comfortable to use. Such details take time to perfect, but they are often overlooked in today’s fast-paced market. At One Space, we are committed to producing pots with high-quality clay, excellent craftsmanship, practicality, artistic appreciation value, and attention to detail. These are our specialties, and we take pride in our original intentions and the care we put into making each pot.

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