We are a new generation of Zisha artists who value both innovation and tradition. Our goal is to become a future classic while still honoring our traditional roots. Our company is located on Xishi Road in Dingshu Town, which is the birthplace of Zisha pottery. Our studio and company cover an area of 1000 square meters, and we have full control over the production process, from selecting the right type of Zisha clay to designing and firing; every step is crucial in the process. Our pieces are of the highest quality, and we adhere to the principles of High quality, High aesthetics, and High practicability. All our artists are exclusively signed to One Space, and all the work is completed within our studio. This allows us to maintain full control over the quality of the process. We aim to provide you with the finest quality works at the most reasonable prices.


Yanni, who was the former owner of Yann Art Gallery, is now the founder and brand manager of One Space. She has been in the industry for the last decade. Yanni was born in Yixing and traveled extensively around the world during her twenties. She lived in Europe for eight years. Yanni grew up in a family of zisha artists and tea lovers, and her childhood was always surrounded by the best teas using only the finest teaware. This left a lasting impression on how she viewed the world of tea and art.

Yanni is a headstrong and independent young woman who felt compelled to find her own path in life, outside of the traditional roles that society had assigned to her. She felt that the world was too vast and exciting to be left unexplored, so at the age of 16, she left her hometown to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Yanni has lived in many places around the world, such as Shanghai, Singapore, Indonesia, France, Holland, and Portugal. Interestingly, the more she went away from her hometown, the more she felt connected to her roots. She spent a lot of time reminiscing about her hometown and the beautiful art that surrounded her during her childhood. Her family’s circle included dedicated craftsmen and passionate artists who made exquisite Zisha teapots. Yanni realized that what she had left behind in Yixing was something that the world needed to see. This realization was the catalyst for her to establish Yann Zisha Gallery, which eventually led to the creation of One Space.


Yanni, who has a cultural background from both the East and West, has introduced a new concept of Zisha to the world, with the aim of raising the world’s vibration. She believes that if more people in the world take the time to enjoy a cup of tea while admiring the art of Zisha crafting, they will learn to see the world from a more beautiful perspective. This could help people appreciate the little things in life, learn to love more, and potentially reduce the number of wars and amount of anger in the world.


Founder and Brand Manager: Yanni



马品一 Ma Pinyi, founder and lead artist of One Space, he meticulously controls the aesthetics of each piece and adds a touch of magic that enhances their value.


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尚赟 Shang Yun is the production manager responsible for quality control on the production line. He must approve each piece before it can be considered ready. He not only possesses a wealth of knowledge about Zisha, but he is also a talented artist in the field himself. 

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Company address:  宏焱軒國際有限公司 HONG YANN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED

香港九龍彌敦道625 號雅蘭中心辦公樓二期 15 樓1508 室

Room 1508, 15th Floor, Grand Plaza Office Building, 625 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Gallery address: 江苏省宜兴市丁蜀镇西施路130号3楼  一空间

3rd Floor, No.130 Xishi Road, Ding Shu Twon, Yixing City, Jiang Su Province, China

Email: contact@onespace-ykj.com, yikongjianzisha@163.com

Phone: +86 15806156817