National Arts and Crafts Artist. Born in 1995 in Yixing, the capital of Zisha, he graduated from Nanjing Normal University. Based on his respect for tradition, he strives to make breakthroughs and innovations while seeking new horizons.


Participated in "Qingyi Sand Heart - Zisha New Youth Invitational Exhibition" (Nanjing) - 2019

“Shi Piao” was collected by Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Center

Participated in the “2019 Jiangsu New Social Class Emerging Youth ‘Craftsmanship’ Changzhou Exhibition” (Changzhou)

Participated in the "2019 Su Zuo Cultural and Creative Summit and Yangtze River Delta Sister Cities Young Craftsmen Development Conference" (Suzhou)

Participated in the "Zisha New Youth 2019 Invitational Exhibition" (Beijing)

Participated in "New Youth, Heart to the Party - Zisha New Youth Theme Exhibition" (Nanjing) - 2021

Participate in "365.9cc-Zisha New Youth 2021 Invitational Exhibition"

Participated in "Youth Zisha-Zisha New Youth 2022 Invitational Exhibition"




Shang Yun desires a simple life, with a yard, bamboo, dogs, a few pots and books on a tea table. He enjoys brewing freshly brewed Yixing black tea and watching the poetic mist rise. However, he is not a “hermit” who is separated from the world, but more like a “literary man” who uses a pot as paper and his hand as a pen to explore the world. He possesses the “purity” of a literati, with sincerity and the experience of “ten years of sharpening his sword”, but he is still a “new man”. He has the “pride” of a literary man, as he adheres to his original intention and “goes against the grain” in the trend of the times. He also has the “tolerance” of a literati, drawing inspiration from tradition to modernity, from imagination to life.


鬶 2018



Shang Yun's works are characterized by their roundness, simplicity, and stubbornness. Despite the challenges he faces, he remains sincere and persistent in his pursuit of the future.


鬲 2019年


When asked about the most significant thing he learned while making teapots, Shang Yun mentioned three things. Firstly, one must love making teapots to create excellent works. Secondly, making teapots is secondary to being a good person. The teachings of one's master and those around them can significantly influence their character. Lastly, the knowledge imparted by one's master cannot encompass everything, and it is crucial to continue learning and self-improvement. Making teapots requires time and dedication, and even after ten years of study, Shang Yun considers himself a novice in the purple clay industry. To create more new and outstanding works, he believes one must continue to learn and enrich themselves.


南州高士 2020年