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Capacity: ~200ml   Fully Handmade Exclusive at One Space Material: Authentic and high grade Zini from Huang Long Shan...


Capacity: ~200ml  

Fully Handmade

Exclusive at One Space

Material: Authentic and high grade Zini from Huang Long Shan. 

Artist: 范悦翔 Fan Yue Xiang - National Arts & Crafts Master


This is a 1:1 replicated piece from the renowned artist Zhu Xiao Dong 朱晓东, who is very famous in the Zisha Industry. He entered Zisha Craft Factory Research Institute in 1988, and his graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts of China. His masterpiece, the Kui Fang Gu, is a masterpiece sets the standard for imitation in the industry. This piece, Xiang He, is an original creation by Zhu Xiao Dong, and was auctioned for a staggering 184,000rmb in 2014.

This replica was created under the supervision of lead artist Ma Pin Yi, with the talented national arts and crafts Master Fan Yue Xiang contributing to its meticulous replication. The teapot boasts an impressive 95% similarity to the original. 

Xiang He 祥和 means happy and auspicious, serenity and peacefulness. The cloud on the lid of this piece was carefully appliqued by hand, and the lines are clean and flowy to capture the freedom and peaceful energy. In addition, A LONG San Wan Liu was chosen to add more elegance and soft energy. San Wan Liu is often difficult to shape as the lines need to be pretty and, more importantly, the practical side of the spout is often decreased because it slows and weakens the pouring. When it’s a LONG San Wan Liu spout like this, it’s even MORE difficult to craft. The crafter must carefully make a hole and remove any excess clay from the spout. If the angle is not right or not clean, it affects the pouring. This takes an extreme amount of patience and knowledge, proficiency in the crafting skill. However, we care about the practical side of each piece. You will find that even for such a long San Wan Liu, it has a beautiful, smooth, and powerful pouring, which is mesmerizing to watch.

Certainly, there is much more to explore with this teapot. A well-crafted Zisha teapot not only provides the best method for brewing a good cup of tea, but it is also comfortable to use. It fosters mindfulness, artistic vision, and an appreciation for the beauty of life. It has emotional value. It is now up to you to connect with and explore more about this teapot.


This piece is also available in a wood-fired reduction fire version, giving it a unique metallic appearance. Check it out here: 

祥和 Xiang He Woodfired Reduction Firing

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