At One Space, firing is no longer a myth.

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At One Space, firing is no longer a myth.

In Yixing, there are various kiln firing methods such as electric kilns, Tu Ban kilns, and gas kilns.


As many of you already know. These kilns are often used to fire a group of teapots along with many others from different people. However, most sellers cannot specify the exact temperature of firing, and they often refer to it as being fired in No.1, No. 3, or No. 4 Kiln as an indicator of the temperature. The quality of the equipment is not always up to standard, and this causes instability in the firing process. The temperature is not stably controlled, and too much certainty can result in bad firing. This leads to many people being afraid of the risk of burnout and reducing costs for firing, resulting in leaving the pots unfired even if they are not correctly fired.


If a pot is not fired thoroughly, it can absorb the aroma of the tea, appear dull in color and texture, and have difficulty in developing patina.


One Space is different from others as all the pots are fired and controlled by our own kilns. We imported one of the best electric kilns in the world from Germany, which ensures a stable temperature with accuracy up to single digits. In addition, We have expertise in clay materials and more than ten years of kiln firing experience, which ensures that every pot is fired to the most perfect state. This has comprehensively solved the problem of instability and uncertainty in kiln firing in the Zisha market. Currently, One Space is the only company that has achieved this standard, which reflects our pursuit of quality and details.


At One Space, we believe that attention to detail is key. We strive for excellence in every step, setting ourselves apart from others.


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